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Veronica Riley was born in San Diego, California, to two artistic parents who encouraged her proclivity for art from an early age. From using crayons to draw on the back of her father's giant work blueprint sheets to filling up stacks of sketchbooks after school, Veronica was always drawing something. She attended private art classes consistently throughout grade school to help develop technical skills. Veronica's artistic pursuits were put on the back burner as she earned a degree in English, but during the past couple years, she has devoted her time to her love of art once again.

Veronica's inspirations have always been rooted in fashion and imagery from the past. Her love of the early twentieth century is integral to her artworks, which seek to add a fresh, colorful twist to make the old new. She has a fervent passion for vintage clothing and usually incorporates special details from past fashions into her work. 

Veronica is currently based out of Providence, Rhode Island, where she paints with her cat never far from her side.

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